Recognizing The Signs Of Substance Abuse

Substance Abuse is insidious and destructive, eventually impacting all aspects of the user’s life and relationships. Among other things drug abuse can impact a person’s health, familial relationships, work relationships, romantic relationships, productivity/work ethic, motivation, emotions and their actual physical health. When substance use impacts the quality of some aspect of an individual’s life in […]


Detox is short for “Detoxification”. This term describes a process by which toxins – often drugs – are removed from the body. Those seeking relief from substance abuse will often require a detox period in order that they may be able to concentrate on their recovery process better rather than withdrawal symptoms. Typically, detox is […]

What Is A Rehab Anyway?

Rehabs are facilities that allow those with substance abuse issues to receive treatment and counseling in order that they should be able to overcome their drug and alcohol issues. These facilities are not only tasked with helping an individual overcome addiction, they must also impart them with the life skills necessary to prevent relapse and […]