Recognizing The Signs Of Substance Abuse

Substance Abuse is insidious and destructive, eventually impacting all aspects of the user’s life and relationships.

Among other things drug abuse can impact a person’s health, familial relationships, work relationships, romantic relationships, productivity/work ethic, motivation, emotions and their actual physical health. When substance use impacts the quality of some aspect of an individual’s life in a fundamental way, and they either maintain the habit or expand on it, it is highly suggestive of addiction or a dependency of some kind.

With luck the emerging addiction can be spotted early on and treated adequately. When possible substance abuse is detected, it is important to share these observations with the individual and make it known that you are willing to help them find treatment. Compare notes with other loved ones, or speak to a family doctor or pastor for advice on where to proceed. It is not often that an addict will accept that they have a problem. In fact, stern denial of addiction is a hallmark of addiction.

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